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Out of Site, Out of Mind

United StatesWalden Davis, Washington International School
February 6, 2012

Just over a year ago, Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake, and high school student Walden Davis created this film to call attention to the cholera crisis in the country. With its powerful simplicity, "Out of Site, Out of Mind" won for Best Animation at the 2011 Global Issues Film Festival (GIFF).

Student News Action Network is partnering with GIFF to showcase last year's winners and to solicit excellent movie-making from students to be featured here and at this year's film festival in May. The festival is open to all primary, middle and high school students from around the world. Winners will receive prizes. To learn more, go to the official GIFF website, and don't forget to keep submitting your videos and articles to the Student News Action Network.

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Patrick Bassett

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